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On the Cover: Scott Turow

Defense attorney Alejandro “Sandy” Stern knows that “everything ends, of course. Life ends and thus all beforehand.” But even so, letting go is never easy.

Author Scott Turow talks new novel ‘The Last Trial,’ hints at his next legal thriller

Scott Turow is back, and not surprisingly, so is Sandy Stern. The brilliant defense lawyer character, who is 85 and feeling every one of those years in “The Last Trial,”…

Turow’s new court novel puts him back on top

Every reader has a guilty pleasure. For me it has always been courtroom fiction. Granted, this led me to frustration because I would read many courtroom novels only to become…

Scott Turow’s favorite attorney fights everyone, himself included, for his ‘Last Trial’

That sage observation comes from Scott Turow’s new legal thriller “The Last Trial,” whose characters have done some rotten things in their personal, calendar-proof fogs. They don’t grasp that they’re…


The Trump tax return case is shortly arriving at the high court, and Trump appointees could try to protect him. But more likely, Chief Justice Roberts will kick the can…

There’s no better time to bring back the pocket handkerchief

The text from my son said it all: “Dad, there’s an article you were born to write that the world is finally ready for: Bring Back the Handkerchief!” As my…

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Sarai test

5 of the Most Anticipated Books from Asian Authors in 2020

It explores what every gay immigrant faces when moving to the West: the search for identity and sexual exploration. This debut also documents Ortile’s social awakening when it comes to…

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Writer’s Corner: Q&A with Roy Peter Clark

Roy Peter Clark is one of America’s most influential writing teachers. He is a senior scholar at the Poynter Institute, one of the most prestigious schools for journalists in the…

You Are Now Remotely Controlled (NY Times op-ed)

Surveillance capitalists control the science and the scientists, the secrets and the truth.

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